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Cushion covers are not only used for shielding the cushions, but also to add a touch of aesthetics. At Homepal, we are a group of cushion covers manufacturer in Jaipur, who deals with finest cushion covers in big quantity.

As an acclaimed cushion covers wholesale dealer in Jaipur, we are known for the utmost fine finishing of our products and classy designs with assimilation of aesthetic colours & motifs. Our products are exclusive on its own and bear a signature mark as a cut above the rest.

Trade with the Best Cushion Covers Wholesale Dealer in Jaipur

As an acclaimed cushion covers wholesale dealer in Jaipur, we at Homepal believes in quality over quantity. Each of our cushion covers are weaved to perfection with finest of the fabrics. Also we use the best quality dye to apply colours on the fabric which never fades away after multiple wash. So whenever you are stocking up your products from us, it is completely assured that you get the best in town.

Apart from physical store, we also have provisions to buy cushion covers online from the wide range of products from our website. Trade with us today.

Why Choose Homepal?

If you are a retailer or stockist and looking for the best variety of cushion covers, we are a one stop solution for you. We are a leading cushion covers manufacturer in Jaipur who facilitate your business to enrich with plenty of quality cushion covers and let your buyers select from the wide array of colours and design. Some key reasons to choose us can be briefed as:

  • Discounts on Bulk Purchase: Homepal provides attractive discounts on bulk purchase. The percentage of discount depends on the amount you are buying. As it decreases the cost price per unit, it helps the retailers to increase their profit margin and gain more.
  • Finest Materials: The quality of materials we use are unbeatable and ranks number 1 as per industry standards. Therefore, you get the finest products to keep in your stock and cater to your customers.
  • 100% Cotton: We never believe in adulteration of materials. All our products are made of 100% cotton.
  • Excellent Quality of Colours: We use the best dye to colour the fabrics of our cushion covers. Hence, the colours never fade away even after multiple washes.
  • Variety of Design: As an esteemed cushion covers manufacturer in Jaipur we have a huge variety of designs in our store to choose from. You can add varieties to your stock as per the designs we have in store.
  • Customizations: Apart from the readymade designs, we also provide custom designs as ordered by our clients. This facilitates the retailer and stockists to add up to their collection.
  • Damage replacement & Post-Sales Support: Every unit of products leaving our warehouse are thoroughly checked before it leaves the warehouse. Even after that, if any damage or dispute is noticed, we replace it promptly. Also we ensure the needful post-sales support to maintain a long term relation with our esteemed clients.

At Universal Trading, all you need is to place your order and relax. As a pioneer cushion covers manufacturer in Jaipur we are collaborated with the best delivery partners who take all the effort to get your order at your doorstep.  

We look forward to a long term relation with you.
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  • Exceptional Quality Materials
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  • Exclusively Crafted to Perfection
  • Class Apart Design
  • Best Price Assured
  • Time-Bound Delivery
  • Thread and Weave Customization
  • 100% Replacement Guaranty
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